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The First Edition batch 2008-03


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Mackmyra OB

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not disclosed

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70 cl


46.1 %

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The First Edition is the first regular bottling from Mackmyra. A large part of the whisky has been matured in 100 liter casks, but they have also used fres Swedish oak casks. It is based on the Elegan recipe, matured on first-fill bourbon casks in Bodås mine. Initially both the bottle and box had printed batch numbers, where the first batch was 2008-01. In 2010 the batch number was removed. The first batches (2008-01 to 2008-05 and 2009-01 to 2009-05) consisted of approximately 10000 bottles per batch. Batch 2008-03 had English labels and was sold on the international market under the name The First Edition. Notes according to Mackmyra: Nose: Fruity with citrux, apple, pears, honey, slight oakiness with sweetness, lightly roated breadnotes and fresh toffee. Taste: Fruity and somft with citrux, toffee and honey. A light oakiness can be found at the end. Finish is finely tuned with notes of dark chocolate.

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