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Moment Prestige


11 years



Bottled by

Mackmyra OB

Bottling date

not disclosed

Cask type

1st fill ex-Champagne 225 l, 2nd fill ex-Champagne 250 l, 3rd fill ex-Champagne 250 l

Bottle size

70 cl


46.1 %

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Moment Prestige is an eleven year old whisky matured on twelve casks from Champagne house Philipponnat. Moment Prestige is an eleven year old whisky aged on casks of French oak that previously held wine from the artisinal Champagne producer Philipponnat. When making Champagne, Philipponnat only uses the finest grapes, mainly from Premier and Grand cru vineyards, and then let parts of the wine age on oak casks. To the whisky, these casks bring crisp notes of white wine, grapefruit, bread and toasted oak. The youngest part of the whisky has been aged between the years 2006 – 2017, and the oldest part, which makes up 40% of the total volume, was aged between the years 2004 – 2017. Primary casks: • 1st fill ex-Champagne, 225 L. • 2nd fill ex-Champagne, 250 L • 3rd fill ex-Champagne, 250 L Notes according to Mackmyra: Nose: Fruity, vinous notes and a herbal spiciness together with vanilla, toasted oak, pearfudge, warm grapes, white pepper, anise, ginger and cardemom. Taste: Oak and prominent notes of white grapes and grapefruit. Spicy and herbal notes of eucaplyptus, anise and vanilla. Finish: long with tangible vinous notes of champage that’s moving towards dry notes of oak.

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