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Moment Efva


not disclosed



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Mackmyra OB

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not disclosed

Cask type

Birch tree wine saturated bourbon casks, Oloroso, American oak, Cherry wine

Bottle size

70 cl


46.3 %

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Moment Efva is a collaboration with jewellery designer, Efva Attling who has designed the special cork for the bottle. Moment Efva was distilled at Mackmyra Bruk. Both 30 litre and the larger 200 litre casks were used. Casks used: Ex-Bourbon (30 L — 200 L) Oloroso (200 L) American Oak (200 L) Finish: Birch tree wine Cherry wine Mackmyra say that Following a tour at Mackmyra’s main storage in Bodås, Efva has – together with Master Blender, Angela D’Orazio – handpicked some of our finest casks. The 19 casks that caught Efva’s attention were mainly Oloroso, American oak and ex-Bourbon barrels, a majority of which had been saturated with Swedish birch tree sap wine. After a request to create more prominent sweetness, resulted in the use of a cask which had previously held cherry wine. The edition is ornamented with a polished silver cork, designed by Efva. Notes according to Mackmyra: Nose: Fruity, spicy, oaky with berries and notes of flowers, red berries, citrus, chocolate, ginger and pear fudge. Taste: Fruity, with round notes of oak. Slightly spicy, with tones of red berries, blossom, pear fudge and white pepper. Soft tobacco leaves and vanilla. A light oily texture and medium-bodied. Finish: long and soft with a spicy finish of berries.

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