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Premium schnapps created by Spritakademien, Spritakademien's president Steffo Törnquist says: - It is a completely unique schnapps that will never be mixed again and will therefore certainly attract both collectors and schnapps connoisseurs. Guldnubben is the Spirit Academy's tribute to Swedish food and drink culture. The schnapps is a premium aquavit and is released in 300 bottles, in an exclusive box, with a label designed by Ernst Billgren, and with a 32-page informative folder, which includes a newly written schnapps song by the Spirit Academy's member Wille Craaford. It was released at Systembolaget and will also be served at the restaurants Frantzén, Nationalmuseum and Långbro Värdshus. The schnapps is flavored with cumin, dill and fennel, lemon zest, saffron and a few splashes of Swedish whiskey. The result is a balanced and aromatic aquavit with a round and full-bodied taste where fruit and spices fade into a long, warm and pleasant aftertaste. - Guldnubben is a modern aquavit that is fantastic for the classic smorgasbord, but which is also great for many of the new flavors we have learned to appreciate, says the award-winning restaurateur Fredrik Eriksson, who is also a member of the Spirit Academy. Try it for example with sushi or a spicy ceviche. Guldnubben is the result of a collective mixing, tasting and corrective led by member Per Hermansson, alcohol sensor for over three decades and previously responsible for taste design and sensory strategy at The Absolut Company (whose lab Spritakademien gratefully borrowed). And with the support of, among others, member Jonas Odland, spice master and "Aquavit Master Blender at Altia Sweden", member Solveig Sommarström, liquor chemist and teacher at the Restaurant Academy, member Angela D'Orazio, Masterblender at Mackmyra, member Eric Berntson, liquor entrepreneur and holder of " Keeper of the Quaich ”, the Scottish whisky industry's foremost award. Basspriten is a unique potato brandy from Kyrkeby in Småland - Sweden's only remaining potato distillery, which is run as a museum by the local community association. No equipment is younger than 100 years, most of the distillery is from the middle of the 19th century, some from the 18th century. The name Guldnubben is also the name of the Spirit Academy's foremost award, which is given annually to individuals or companies that have made significant contributions to Swedish spirits culture. The Swedish whiskey in the blend is Mackmyra on heavily charred new Swedish oak, selected by Angela d'Orazio.

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