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Rotspon Triple Wood Nathan


not disclosed



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Mackmyra OB

Bottling date

not disclosed

Cask type

200 liter American oak cask, then 30 liter Gravity cask, finish in Rotspon ­Barrique

Bottle size

50 cl


54.3 %

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Mackmyra Rotspon Triple Wood is based on the Elegant recipe, matured for 4 years in 200 liter American oak casks in Bodås mine, then matured for 6 months in 30 liter Gravity casks from American and Swedish oak. It gets its finish in Rotspon barriques from the von Have winery. The casks have been bottled as single cask under the names Alfred, Dag, Klas and Nathan. Faten har buteljerats som single cask under namnen "Alfred, Dag, Klas och Nathan. They have chosen to name them after Noble prize winners since the casks were filled on 29th of June 2016, the annual day of the Alfred Nobel Foundation. Nathan Söderblom (born January 15th, 1866 in Trönö, † July 12th, 1931 in Uppsala, full name was: Lars Olof Jonathan Söderblom) was a Swedish lutheran theologist and archbishop in Uppsala. He also gained fame as a religious scholar. Because of his tireless efforts for ecumenics and world peace, he received the 1930 Nobel peaceprize. The entire series of the 2016 release of Mackmyra Rotspon was also released at Systembolaget 2016-12-09 with a "secret" article number.

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