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Selected Swedes Mackmyra 8 years

2017-09-05 by Thomas Øhrbom (Whisky Saga)

Mackmyra 8 YO Selected Swedes, 42,3 %

Here is a very limited independent bottling of a Mackmyra whisky. The Mackmyra 8 YO Selected Swedes is bottled by Selected Malts. The whisky in question was distilled in May 2008. It was initially matured for three years in an ex-bourbon cask, then it was transferred to an Oloroso sherry cask (cask #SM-SWE-01), where is remained for a little more than five and a half years. Finally it was bottled in January 2017, with a total outturn of 75 bottles at 35 cl each. Details on the seize of the cask is not given, but I am assuming it is a standard 30 litre Mackmyra private cask. Anywho, here are my notes…

Nose: Soft and appealing nose. Vanilla with hints of floral honey. Mild caramel sauce with notes of sherry, cinnamon and raisins. There’s a touch of alcohol on the nose, but it does not bother me much. White pepper and and some oakiness, make that toasted oak. Improves with time in the glass, although I pick up on traces of acetone.

Taste: Rich mouthfeel, medium to light body. Honey with black pepper, served with a wooden spoon. Perfume notes that bring after shave to mind…

Finish: Medium long finish. Very sweet and quite heavy in character. Sherry and honey notes. There’s a somewhat harsh edge to it though, that I cannot quite place.

Comments: An OK dram, that does appear a fair bit younger than the official 8 years. The nose really improves with time, but alas the taste does not develop the same way.

Score: (82/100)

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