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2018-03-27 by Thomas Øhrbom (Whisky Saga)

Mackmyra Expedition, NAS, 46.1 %

The Mackmyra Expedition is a product exclusively for Travel Retail. It was released on 2017-05-01. The main cask types used are American oak and Swedish oak casks. The Mackmyra Expedition is also partly finished on casks that previously held Swedish cloudberry wine. This finish lasted for about one year. The age of the product is not known.

Nose: Mild, soft oakiness. Vanilla and various berries. Nothing heavy – the dreaded Swedish oak troll does not raise its head – yet. In the background notes of smoke and spices. A deeper and quite pleasant mix of sweetness and spices develop over time. It is a bit hard to pick out the individual components, but it works quite well. The smokiness takes on the familiar green notes with time.

Taste: Medium to thin body. Peppery and oaky right off. Quite a sucker punch, right there. Did not see that coming. It has a bit of an attitude, but again it works – at least to a certain degree. It is a bit raw. Vanilla, honey and white chocolate. Hints of smoke.

Finish: Medium long finish. Sweeter, but also a bit darker. Burnt toast with jam and a pinch of white pepper. Vanilla and a touch of smoke.

Comments: Really liked the nose a lot, but on the palate it does confuse me a bit. The Swedish oak is never dominating, which is good!

Score: (79/100)

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