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Special 01 Eminent Sherry

2016-06-14 by Thomas Øhrbom (Whisky Saga)

Mackmyra Special 01 Eminent Sherry, NAS, 51,6 %

This whisky was the first release in the Mackmyra Special series. It was released late 2008. It was matured in sherry casks (Spanish oak, seasoned with sherry by Mackmyra). The Mackmyra Special 01 Eminent Sherry was sold at around SEK 600 when it was released. It is no longer available to buy.

Nose: Soft sherry notes, fresh apples, cereal, sweet oakiness and a touch of perfume. It does bite a little, a bit rough on the edges. Vanilla and honey with time.

Taste: Intense and rough. Massive perfume notes – after shave also comes to mind. It really bites! I do detect some caramel, vanilla and sherry notes as well. A hint of smoke maybe?

Finish: The raw alcohol notes stay throughout the relatively short finish. A bit more sweetness towards the end. Oak, wet planks and moist saw dust.

Balance: Way too rough and unbalanced for me. The nose is quite good, but it fails to deliver on the palate.

Score: (71/100)

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