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Special 04 Double Dip Bourbon

2015-07-21 by Thomas Øhrbom (Whisky Saga)

Mackmyra Special 04 Double Dip Bourbon, NAS, 53 %

The Mackmyra Special series is now discontinued, but ran for several years. I still have not tried all of the whiskies in this series, so consider this me trying to catch up. The Mackmyra Special:04 Double Dip Bourbon was bottled back in 2010. The name for this whisky describes how it was matured. The majority of the maturation was done in bourbon barrels, but it has also had a finish in 30 liter bourbon casks. This was a limited release of 12 000 bottles.

Nose: (21/25): Soft, fresh and delicate vanilla. Bubble gum, strawberries, banana, lime zest, malt, licorice and hints of eucalyptus. It is quite light and works well now on a warm summer day.

Taste: (21/25): Surprisingly spicy! Pepper, chili and ginger join forces in the initial assault. They are closely followed by a more mellow and laid-back armada of fruit notes; banana, apples and pears.

Finish: (20/25): Very nutty finish. This is unsalted peanuts in liquid form! Warm and medium long finish. It does become a bit perfumy towards the end.

Balance: (20/25): A nice and young bourbon matured whisky from Mackmyra.

Score: (82/100)

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