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Special 06 Sommaräng

2016-07-25 by Thomas Øhrbom (Whisky Saga)

Mackmyra Special 06 Sommaräng, NAS, 46,8 %

I’m on a roll now, here is the fourth Mackmyra release in a row in my Nordic Whisky review series. Again I am looking at the Special series. The Mackmyra Special 06 Sommaräng (Summer Meadow) was released on May 2 2011, in a limited run of 12 000 bottles. It sold at SEK 595 at the time. You can actually still pick up a bottle online, at just SEK 500 here. This is an unpeated whisky, matured in casks of various sizes (30 to 200 litres). I have found no info on what type of casks have been used, but I am assuming that 1st fill bourbon make up the majority.

Nose: Very light, soft and delicate. Vanilla, summer fruits and soft floral notes. A touch of ginger and citrus.

Taste: Oily and a bit thin mouthfeel. Ginger, paper (old books rather than copy paper), pepper and nutmeg. Fizzy!

Finish: Medium long finish. Camphor and sweet licorice. A touch bitter maybe? Green grass and sun dried hay. Notes of something slightly metallic – and the paper is still present.

Comments: This is a strange one, but I quite enjoyed it.

Score: (81/100)

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