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Special 08 Handplockat

2016-10-25 by Thomas Øhrbom (Whisky Saga)

Mackmyra Special 08 Handplockat, NAS, 46 %

The whisky of the day is release number 8 in the Special Series from Swedish distillery Mackmyra. The Mackmyra Special 08 Handplockat (“Handpicked”) was released back in 2012, and this is how they describe the whisky themselves: “This whisky is made from our Elegant recipe that has been matured on a mix of bourbon casks, sherry casks and casks made of new Swedish and American oak and finished on French Sauternes cask.” From what I gather the cask types used were ex-bourbon (200 litre), ex-bourbon (100 litre), ex-sherry (100 litre), new Swedish oak (100 litre), new American oak (100 litre), and finally the ex-Sauternes (250 litre). You can buy the Mackmyra Special 08 Handplockat in Sweden at SEK 1200 (8555401), and a there are still a few bottles available online in the UK at around GBP 45.

Nose: Soft, oaky and a bit shy. This needs time in the glass to open up. Candy floss, marshmallows, and whiffs of tomato plant.

Taste: Oily character with medium body. Honey, nuts, honey nuts, vanilla, white sugar and summer fruits.

Finish: Medium long finish. More spicy now; cinnamon, ginger and soft oakiness. Fruit drops – pineapple, water melon, apple and pear.

Comments: I quite enjoyed the finish here. Delightful fruitiness made for a nice landing.

Score: (81/100)

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