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Moment Medvind

2015-05-19 by Thomas Øhrbom (Whisky Saga)

Mackmyra Moment Medvind, NAS, 48,6 %

Mackmyra Moment Medvind (Tailwind) was the first release in the Moment whisky series from Mackmyra. It was bottled and released in December 2010 and was a limited release of 967 bottles. This is a medium peated release from Mackmyra, which means we should detect the very characteristic juniper smoke. It has been matured in a mix of different 30 liter casks; bourbon, sherry, and Swedish virgin oak. Mackmyra Moment Medvind was sold at SEK 1295 when it was launched. It is now sold out.

Nose: (23/25): Very soft and appealing. Light peat that has married almost perfectly and seamlessly with the sherry notes here. This is harmony in a glass! Fruits and berries (in particular blackcurrant), fresh cut timber, sawdust, and mild caramel. The peat does have that slight juniper edge.

Taste: (21/25): Light peat (softer than on the nose – still juniper smoke), a bit more oak, caramel. Soft.

Finish: (20/25): A bit on the short side, sugary and more oak. Dried fruits.

Balance: (21/25): Again a Mackmyra with a very nice nose. I think my nose is adapting well to the Mackmyra character, on the nose that is, on the palate some of these expressions still feel a bit young – like this one.

Score: (85/100)

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