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Moment Drivved

2014-05-12 by Thomas Øhrbom (Whisky Saga)

Mackmyra Moment Drivved (Driftwood), NAS, 51,2 %

The whisky I am presenting today is from Mackmyras series Moment. These are special, limited edition cask releases. They are released at cask strength. The Mackmyra Moment Drivved was released in 2011. “Drivved” is Swedish for Driftwood. The whisky has been matured in an underground warehouse the old mines at Bodås in Sweden. This whisky won a gold medal Best in Class at IWSC in 2011. This was the third release in the Moment series. As far as I can tell, this expression is no longer available online, although you might find it at some specialist stores. Mackmyra are still releasing new expressions in the Moment series every year. So far they have released 13 expressions in this series, and number 14 is surely available shortly.

Nose: (22/25): Oaky, with honey, and vanilla. It is somewhat spicy and malty. The oak notes are distinct, but do not dominate. After a few minutes it opens up to become more fruity, and the sweet notes take on a slight bourbon-y feel. It is rather complex and rich. I like it.

Taste: (21/25): Caramel, mint and peppermint are the strongest influences here. There is a slight alcohol bite as well.

Finish: (19/25): It does not really develop any further, and as such I guess it reveals it’s young age. The finish is short to medium in length.

Balance: (21/25): Very nice nose, but a bit lacking in finish.

Score: (83/100)

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