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Moment Rimfrost

2016-11-22 by Thomas Øhrbom (Whisky Saga)

Mackmyra Moment Rimfrost, NAS, 53,2 %

OK, then, here is the fifth release in the Moment Series from Swedish distillery Mackmyra. The Mackmyra Moment Rimfrost was launched on 2011-12-01, in a limited run of 1492 bottles. This whisky has been matured in ‘small casks’ and it is made from the unpeated ‘Elegant’ recipe. That’s about all the facts available about this expression online. The name ‘Rimfrost’ translates into ‘hoarfrost’ or ‘ground frost’ in English. The Mackmyra Moment Rimfrost is sold out, but you may find a stray bottle or two online, at around € 130.

Nose: Soft notes of vanilla, coconut and oak is the first to meet my nose here. With time the coconut is even more distinct, and joined by aromas of vanilla sticks, freshly baked bread and banana. Given even more time the vanilla slowly takes over.

Taste: Creamy and soft mouthfeel. Vanilla, coconut, white pepper, mild chilli and milk chocolate. A bit perfumy. Light nuttiness.

Finish: Medium long finish. The initial sweetness fades away rather quickly, and we are left with bitter-ish oakiness – pine wood.

Comments: Delightful nose, but does not quite follow-up on the palate.

Score: (83/100)

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