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Moment Skog

2017-01-24 by Thomas Øhrbom (Whisky Saga)

Mackmyra Moment Skog, NAS, 52,4 %

My review today is of the seventh release in the Moment Series from Swedish distillery Mackmyra. The Mackmyra Moment Skog (“Wood”) was released in 2012, in a limited run of 3000 bottles. This particular Mackmyra whisky was matured in casks saturated with Swedish berry wine, made from lingonberry and blueberry. The Mackmyra Moment Series is still going strong, with release number 19 just recently made available to buy. I’m slowly working my way though them all, so stay tuned!

Nose: Sweet and a bit wine like. I find it both earthy and fruity. An orchard whisky perhaps. There are certainly sweet berry notes here as well, mixed with mild spices.

Taste: Delightfully soft and rich mouthfeel. Honey mixed with berries, apples, pears, and rich jam.

Finish: Medium long finish. Honey mixed with notes of toasted oak, and simply toast – covered with blueberry jam. Oaky spiciness as well. A slight bitter-ish touch towards the end.

Comments: A solid product. The wine casks seem to have added a welcome level of rich and full sweetness.

Score: (83/100)

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