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Moment Källa

2017-03-14 by Thomas Øhrbom (Whisky Saga)

Mackmyra Moment Källa, NAS, 52,4 %

Swedish distillery Mackmyra is very active in releasing new expressions. These releases are grouped into different series, and the longest running series is the Moment Series. I have now reached release number 10 in this series, the Mackmyra Moment Källa (“Källa” means source). Here is what they say about their whisky: “Our tenth release in the Moment series is an elegant Swedish malt whisky with delicious cask notes and flavors of berries, butterscotch and Swedish oak. The character comes from a larger part of our older, larger casks and Swedish oak. We have returned to the source and rolled out some of the first casks that were filled in our distillery at Mackmyra Bruk.” This was a release limited to 1065 bottles.  It was a vatting of casks from 2003 and 2006, and it was bottled in 2013. In other words, it is approximately 7 years old. You can find bottles online at around € 135.

Nose: Lots of ripe, sweet berries. I like this nose. It is fresh as a summer morning, at first. Then I somehow stumble across a sawmill, in the midst of the fields of red berries. There’s an abundance of sawdust, fresh planks, and lightly toasted oak. White pepper and a small dose of vanilla.

Taste: Full bodied and soft. Peppery caramel and ripe apples. Vanilla and toasted oak. Light malty notes.

Finish: Medium long finish. Very nice vanilla ice cream notes, mixed with a touch of caramel and honey. Slices of fresh, green apples and a hint of red berries.

Comments: One of the better releases in the Moment Series so far.

Score: (86/100)

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