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Moment Morgondagg

2015-12-15 by Thomas Øhrbom (Whisky Saga)

Mackmyra Moment Morgondagg, NAS, 51,1 %

Here’s an old release by Mackmyra, the Swedish distillery. The Mackmyra Morgondagg (Morning Dew) was released back in 2013. It was matured in a mix of American Oak barrels and ex-sherry casks. This was a limited release of 1500 bottles. You can actually still buy the Mackmyra Morgondagg in Sweden at SEK 1095 (1212301).

Nose: (22/25): There’s a slight whiff of alcohol right off, revealing that we are presented with a relatively young whisky. It soon wears off though, and we get to more pleasant notes; mild spices, vanilla, strawberries and wet wood. Mild fruits (I am thinking apples and pears here), and something slightly green. Vanilla and marshmallow sweetness takes over after a bit, and becomes quite charming, actually!

Taste: (20/25): Smooth and soft mouthfeel. Quite spicy on the attack, and massively sweet. Almost overwhelming in its sweetness. Sugary and woody fruit notes. Imagine all the summer fruits were made from wood, and then infused with fruit flavor. Mildly confusing –

Finish: (18/25): Medium long finish. The wood does tend to take over, accompanied by very sweet sherried caramel notes. Herbal and a bit perfumy.

Balance: (20/25): The nose, although a bit too young-ish at first, turned into a pleasant surprise. To taste it was a bit immature, but a fine effort for a young whisky.

Score: (80/100)

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