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Moment XVI

2017-12-12 by Thomas Øhrbom (Whisky Saga)

Mackmyra Moment XVI (19), 7 YO, 48 %

A royal whisky from Swedish distillery mackmyra. On March 18, 2009, the Swedish king, Carl XVI Gustaf, visited Mackmyra. The newmake produced that very day was filled into Swedish oak casks (30, 100 and 225 litres), and put into the Bodås mine. Seven years later 1411 bottles were filled, and on 2016-06-01 the Mackmyra Moment XVI was made available to buy at SEK 1198. This coincided with the king’s 70th birthday. The Mackmyra Moment XVI is the 19th release in the Mackmyra Moment series.

Nose: Dusty strawberries sprinkled with icing sugar. Waxy, green apples. Deep and warm vanilla notes, mixed with warm marshmallows (not yet burned – just close to start melting). Sunscreen with coconut oil.

Taste: Medium to thin body. Vanilla with ginger and white sugar. Green apples and tinned pears. Slightly bitter caramel.

Finish: Medium to short finish. Caramel water, then more water and less caramel. Is it trying to pull off a homeopathic trick on me? A touch bitter oranges and raw wood towards the end.

Comments: An odd one. To taste it is a bit off center and out of focus – that’s the best way I can describe it.

Score: (75/100)

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