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Moment Jakt

2017-07-18 by Thomas Øhrbom (Whisky Saga)

Mackmyra Moment Jakt (19), NAS, 48,1 %

Here’s a Swedish whisky for you. The 19th (!) release in the Mackmyra Moment Series. The Mackmyra Moment Jakt (“Hunt”) was launched 2016-09-02, in a limited run of 2000 bottles. This whisky has received a rather special finish. It has been finished in casks that have previously held “jaktvin”, a Swedish wine made of lingonberry and blueberry. You can still pick up a bottle of Mackmyra Moment Jakt in the UK at around GBP 132. We actually had a few bottles available in Norway as well, at NOK 1350, but it is now sold out.

Nose: Warm and almost earthy. Sun baked earth, maybe. Vanilla, and deep, dark notes of red berries and grapes. Marshmallows and grass. Sweet, floral, summer honey. The honey notes become more and more dominant with time, and they are quite lovely.

Taste: Slightly bitter and oaky. I’m thinking mouthwash, weirdly enough (I have not just brushed my teeth!). Somewhat floral. Vanilla.

Finish: Medium long finish. White pepper and oak. Still floral and now quite grassy as well.

Comments: Not sure what we are hunting for here, and I am not sure we found it either. Another odd one from Mackmyra. Strange, fun and a bit exciting that they have such a wide range of products.

Score: (75/100)

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