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2015-06-30 by Thomas Øhrbom (Whisky Saga)

Mackmyra Sommartid, NAS, 46,1 %

On May 8, 2015, the Mackmyra Sommartid (Summertime) was released. This is the fourth release in the Seasons series from Mackmyra. Previous installments in the series are Midvinter (Midwinter), Midnattssol (Midnight Sun) and Iskristall (Ice Crystal). These releases from Mackmyra often have a special finish, or include some unusual casks in the vatting. This is the case here as well. Three types of casks have been used to create Mackmyra Sommartid; Swedish oak, American oak, and Cloudberry saturated barrels. The Mackmyra Sommartid is available to buy in Sweden at SEK 598 (item number 92145).

Nose: (22/25): Fresh and light. The American oak is at the front upon first sniff. Vanilla and marshmallows are clearly present. It is also very fruity; green apples, pears and grapes. Given a few more minutes in the glass we can detect the influence of new Swedish oak as well; spicy oakiness and hints of fresh sawdust. I do detect some fresh berries here as well – not quite sure they are cloudberries, I am thinking more red berries of some sort. Raspberries perhaps… Going back to it when the glass is empty  pick up on floral honey and camphor flavored hard candy.

Taste: (21/25): Smooth mouthfeel, with medium body. Quite light and fruity. Diluted honey, white pepper, ginger, caramel and canned pears.

Finish: (20/25): Medium to short finish, medium warmth. Caramel, raspberries, oak and moist sawdust.

Balance: (21/25): I really liked the nose on this one, but it is a bit to light and volatile to taste.

Score: (84/100)

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