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2017-06-06 by Thomas Øhrbom (Whisky Saga)

Mackmyra Vinterrök, NAS, 46,1 %

The Nordic Whisky of the day is a release in the Seasons Series from Swedish distillery Mackmyra. The Mackmyra Vinterrök (“winter smoke”) was launched on 2015-11-20. This whisky was marketed with the subtitle “A smoky soul for beer lovers”. Here is the official word on the Mackmyra Vinterrök: "Mackmyra Vinterrök is a tasteful Swedish single malt whisky from the innovative series ”Season whisky”. The character is fruity and smoky with a slightly spicy finish from casks saturated with a Scotch Strong Ale. The taste is well balanced with a slight saltiness, the texture is medium-thick and oily with a hint of spicy hop." The types of casks used in composing this whisky were Swedish oak, American oak, and casks saturated with strong ale. You can still buy the Mackmyra Vinterrök in Sweden at SEK 598 (4041901).

Nose: Ooh, I like this. Notes of sweet wood smoke mix well with orchard fruits and hints of honey. Vanilla and bitter oranges (very mild on the bitterness, mind). I do believe I find a medicinal note here as well. I think that’s the first time I’ve found that in a Mackmyra. It is iodine, and it does bring the mind towards Islay. Let’s see how this transfers to the palate…

Taste: Quite spicy on the initial assault. pepper (black and white), ginger, mint and juniper. Pine wood forest sprinkled with powdered sugar set on fire.

Finish: Medium long finish. Butterscotch mixed with ashes and bits of orange. Then the sweetness subsides, and we are left with the smoldering pine wood forest with the occasional juniper brush going up in flames. Hints of iodine appear towards the end.

Comments: Probably the best peated Mackmyra I’ve had so far.

Score: (86/100)

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