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Rotspon Triple Wood Klas

2017-09-26 by Thomas Øhrbom (Whisky Saga)

Mackmyra Klas Rotspon Triple Wood, 6 YO, 52,5 %

The Nordic whisky of the week has a fun story behind it’s name. This is the Mackmyra Klas Rotspon Triple Wood, one of four ‘rotspon’ releases from Mackmyra that were bottled on June 29, 2016. Since June 29th 1900 was the date the Nobel Foundation was first established, Mackmyra decided to name these four releases after four Swedish recipients of the Nobel Peace Price. This particular release, the ‘Klas’, was named after Klas Pontus Arnoldson (b. 1844-10-27, d. 1916-02-20), a journalist and politician. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1908, together with Fredrik Bajer, for his efforts in finding a peaceful solution to the conflict between Norway and Sweden. The conflict ended with Norway gaining independence from Sweden in 1905! In this day and age it is very hard to imagine there ever having been hostilities or even war between Norway and Sweden. Thank you, Klas! The Mackmyra Klas Rotspon Triple Wood is based on the unpeated Elegant receipt from Mackmyra. It was initially matured for four years in 200 litre American oak casks, then transferred to Mackmyra Gravity casks (American oak staves, and Swedish oak cask ends) for a further 25 months of maturation. Then, finally, the liquid was moved to rotspon casks from von Have for a finish of unspecified length. Rotspon casks are oak casks used in old German Hanseatic (Hansa) cities to mature imported French wine (in this case Bordeaux wine). The total outturn for the Mackmyra Klas Rotspon Triple Wood was 383 bottles (50 cl).

Nose: Right off it is quite similar to the two years younger Mackmyra Rotspon Triple Wood, but this one feels just a tad richer in a way. Still lots of red berries, with a touch of damp cellar and wet leaves, mixed with vanilla and honey sweetness. Hints of something medicinal in the back. Faint notes of pine wood and licorice.

Taste: Medium body and slightly raw mouthfeel. Lots of pepper, and a mix of honey and red berries. I get rowan berries actually.

Finish: Medium long finish. The sweetness is cut short quite abruptly, and I’m left with an unusual taste of unsweetened aniseed and herbs with a slight bitter edge. Somewhat watery as well.

Comments: The nose is quite appealing. The palate is interesting and a bit weird, but not all in a good way.

Score: (81/100)

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