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2015-07-07 by Thomas Øhrbom (Whisky Saga)

Mackmyra Tio, 10 YO, 46,1 %

Late Autumn 2013 Mackmyra invited customers to order what would be their, and Sweden’s, first ever 10 year old whisky. Customers wanting this whisky had to order a minimum of 12 bottles each, out of a total outturn of 9000 bottles. In addition the customers had to wait until late November 2014 to receive their bottles. A rather special and roundabout way of releasing their first 10 YO, but I imagine they had their reasons. The whisky has been matured exclusively in bourbon casks, and is unpeated. We are lucky enough to have friends in Sweden that are in possession of a few bottles (I guess at least 12…) and we got a sample to try. The Mackmyra Tio is sold out long ago, but you can still get a bottle of the more readily available (and about the same age) Mackmyra Moment Vintage.

Nose: (21/25): Sweet, with lots of vanilla. Camphor, eucalyptus, oak, nuts and pears. A bit floral and herbal.

Taste: (21/25): White and black pepper, hints of chili. Caramel, vanilla, pears and licorice. Medium body. Quite sweet to taste.

Finish: (22/25): Warm and medium long. Honey and hints of mint. Slightly metallic finish. Right at the end there’s some dark chocolate and cocoa.

Balance: (21/25): A fine effort from Mackmyra. Impressive to have reached the significant milestone of having released a 10 YO.

Score: (85/100)

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