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Dram Good Whisky Mackmyra 8 years

2016-08-09 by Thomas Øhrbom (Whisky Saga)

Mackmyra 2008 8 YO Dram Good Whisky No. 3, 54,4 %

I am very happy to present one of the first independent bottlings of a Nordic Whisky today. The only previous ones I know of are this release of a Smögen whisky from IB Svenska Eldvatten, and another Mackmyra release from Auld Rare Whisky Sweden AB. This whisky has been matured in a 1st fill bourbon barrel (cask #11184). The cask was filled on 2008-02-26, and the whisky was bottled on 2016-05-20. The total outturn was 398 bottles (500 ml). It was sold at SEK 795.. The bottler in this case is Ceder & Tjeder under the brand Dram Good Whisky. The Mackmyra 2008 8 YO Dram Good Whisky No. 3 is the third release from this bottler.

Nose: Vanilla, marshmallows, simple syrup, coconut oil and a touch of grass and floral notes. Overall a light and sugary nose. I really love the soft vanilla notes here. There is a bit of an alcohol bite to it though, a slightly raw edge.

Taste: Very soft mouthfeel, with medium body. Sweet on the palate as well. The sweetness is a bit darker than on the nose. The vanilla is replaced by deeper notes of honey. I would almost call it earthy in character. Mint, eucalyptus, coconut and soft oakiness.

Finish: Medium long and oily finish. Somewhat sweet all the way. A bit more herbal and minty now, and with cut grass in the end.

Balance: Even at 8 years of age, this whisky comes across as a little young. Which for a Nordic whisky in general is a bit unusual, but I have seen it on several occasions before from Mackmyra. I cannot help thinking that maturing your whisky in mines is partly to blame for this… But this is a topic will have to return to at another time.

Score: (83/100)

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